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Retinal Fundus Photography

Early detection of serious health and vision-threatening conditions

High-res images to save your sight

Our highest-quality optical images provide vital information about the blood vessels at the back of your eye, so we can detect sight-threatening conditions and serious health complications early.


Kings Hill Opticians’ expertise

  1. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment: Identifying changes in the blood vessels around the retina, the macula (the most sensitive part of the retina) and the optic nerve can help us identify serious health conditions. So we have invested in the highest-quality equipment to get the most accurate images possible.
  2. Painless test: All you have to do is sit in front of the camera and look at a set target. Within one flash, we capture all the information we need. 
  3. Expert analysis: Our skilled optometrists look for any abnormalities or changes that may have occurred. Enlarging different sections of the image enables us to get a more detailed view, so even the smallest changes to structures can be monitored and managed more effectively.
  4. Regular monitoring: Comparing images over time enables us to identify any changes so we can detect – and treat – conditions early.
  5. Early detection: As this simple, inexpensive test can save your sight, we recommend it as part of every eye health consultation.
  6. Professional co-operation: We work with your other health professionals so you get the best possible support for any conditions that could affect your vision. 


Over time, there are many conditions that can directly affect our eyes and bodies. The eye is the only place in the body where the internal blood vessels can be viewed directly. High-quality photographs of these vessels can enable us to identify conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Glaucoma
  • Age-related macular degeneration, mainly dry
  • Choroidal Naevus or other retinal scarring

The nerve centre of your eye

The retina is the light-sensitive inner lining of the eye. It's made of several individual layers and acts in a similar way to the film in a traditional camera. Light enters the eye, and is focused by the cornea (the front of the eye) and intra-ocular lens (the lens within the eye) on to the retina. This information is then transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve.

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"I am a corporate video producer and director so attention to detail is paramount, but I have noticed over the last three years that when using my desktop computer, laptop or reading scripts etc that the definition has worsened. I decided to get an eye test done through Kings Hill Opticians as they were highly recommended. This clarified that I needed glasses to help with those situations. Fast forward two weeks and I am now the proud owner of some designer Ted Baker glasses and I am viewing in glorious Full HD once again. The customer service I received was exceptional, from my first visit right through to picking up my new glasses. I would recommend them to anyone."

Justin Dean

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