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Laser Refractive Eye Surgery

Objective, independent advice to help you make the right decision

Objective, expert advice

Any surgery is a major undertaking that needs the right information and consideration.  We provide expert, independent advice to give you confidence in your decision.


Kings Hill Opticians’ expertise

  1. Experienced optometrists – Our highly skilled optometrists can advise whether you are a suitable candidate for laser refractive surgery.  It’s not right for everyone, and is only effective before a certain age.
  2. Independent opinion – We give you objective advice, outlining the pros and cons, and explaining what surgery can and can’t achieve for you (the effects don’t last forever).
  3. Alternative solutions – We explain non-surgical alternatives, such as EyeDream corrective contact lenses and RGP lenses, so you have a full understanding of all the options available to you.
  4. Confidence – We give you peace of mind that, whatever you decide to do, you have considered all the facts and alternatives.


Laser refractive surgery can correct a range of conditions, including:

  • Myopia – short sight
  • Hypermetropia – long sight
  • Astigmatism – irregular focus
  • Presbyopia – loss of reading vision

Our expert solutions

We offer a range of non-surgical solutions that can deliver the same benefits without the risks, including:

  • EyeDream – contact lenses that correct short-sightedness overnight, so you can enjoy clear vision during the day without glasses or lenses  
  • Soft contacts for astigmatism – sophisticated contact lenses that stay in place to keep your vision clear, whichever direction you look.
  • RGP contact lenses for complex spectacle prescriptions


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"As a regular contact lens wearer, I was suffering from some dryness in my eyes and less than ideal vision towards the end of the day when wearing my daily lenses. This led me down the route of wanting laser eye surgery as this would be the magic cure. I went to see Sat with the view that he would confirm my eyes were healthy enough to have surgery.

Sat had other plans! He found my vision did have room for improvement and that the dryness was a result of ill-fitting lenses which were 'digging in' to my eye, as they were simply too small. The provider had not mentioned this or even expressed any concern!

Due to my lifestyle I prefer not to wear spectacles, so Sat suggested I tried the Eye Dream range of lenses. This involves putting a lens in overnight before sleeping and taking them out upon waking the following morning. I've had numerous check-ups and haven't looked back. Sat and his team have been exceptional in dealing with my case and I couldn't be happier with the lenses, the vision and the freedom from not having contact lenses in all day, every day.

In short, I thought I knew what I wanted, but Sat and his team at Kings Hill Opticians took care of what I needed. Thank you!"

Lee Dyson

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