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Eye Pressure with Pachymetry

Gold-standard eye-pressure testing, for accurate diagnosis and your peace of mind

Hospital-quality testing – for your peace of mind

There are many ways to test eye pressure, but only one reliable way. It’s what the hospitals use, and it’s what we use – so we can detect any complications early and avoid unnecessary stress caused by inaccurate results.


Kings Hill Opticians’ expertise

  1. We take eye pressure seriously: High eye pressure can indicate glaucoma, which ultimately can lead to a loss of vision. We think that’s serious, so we take it seriously.
  2. Hospital-quality testing: Standard ‘puff of air’ tests give only approximate readings, which can vary widely. So we use the equipment used by hospitals: Goldmann Applanation Tonometry, which is much more accurate, and usually more comfortable, than the ‘puff of air’ test.
  3. True measurement: For a completely accurate measurement of your eye pressure, we also need to know the thickness of your cornea (the front of your eye), as this can affect the results. This is done with a pachymeter. We use pachymetry as standard, so we can substitute the theoretical average corneal thickness assumed in Goldman Applanation Tonometry with your personal measurements, to get your TRUE eye pressure.
  4. Peace of mind: Our accurate eye pressure testing means you don’t go through the worry that can be caused by inaccurate results, or the complication of unnecessary referral to hospital for further tests.
  5. Early detection: Our hospital-quality testing also means we can detect potentially serious complications as early as possible, so we can protect and preserve your eye health and vision.


Accurate eye pressure testing can help us detect a range of conditions, including:

  • Glaucoma – which causes damage to the optic nerve, usually because the fluid in the eye is not draining properly
  • Iritis – inflammation of the coloured part of the eye and the structures around it. This is a form of Uveitis; sufferers normally perceive them to be same thing.
  • Uveitis – inflammation of the middle layer of the eye, known as the uvea or uveal tract.
  • Pseudoexfoliation syndrome – dandruff-like material forms on the pupil margin and anterior lens capsule of the eye; a very rare form of glaucoma
  • Pigment dispersion syndrome – pigment granules flake off from the iris and stick to other parts of the eye; another very rare form of glaucoma 

Our expert solutions

  • Over 40s – As you get older, eye pressure increases naturally, putting you at more risk of glaucoma. We therefore recommend this test as vital for the over 40s.
  • Laser eye surgery follow up – It is vital for patients who have undergone Laser Eye Surgery to have pachymetry, as their corneas are considerably thinner than average.


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"I would highly recommend all those at Kings Hill Opticians. Because of their thorough examination and their findings of suspected Glaucoma they referred me to the hospital eye specialist to investigate further. I will now be monitored every six months at the hospital."

Stephanie Willcox

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