Varilux RoadPilot

The ideal solution for night driving: less glare, optimal clarity and an enhanced field of vision for varifocal wearers

85% of people experience glare while driving, and 31% avoid driving at night.  Varilux RoadPilot can put the pleasure back into driving by reducing glare, improving clarity and enlarging the field of vison for varifocal wearers.   


What are they?

Sophisticated lenses that, when paired with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating, decrease glare by reducing reflections at night by up to 90% and offer complete protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, harmful UV and blue-violet light.  Available as single vision or multifocal Varilux lenses, RoadPilot offer optimal clarity of vision day and night, as well as giving a larger, more enhanced field of vison.  

Why you should

Because you don’t feel comfortable driving at night.  Because you need a prescription, but want complete clarity of vision when driving.

Why Kings Hill Opticians’

Our expert optometrists will precisely diagnose your prescription over a range of distances to create bespoke lenses that deliver complete visual freedom, while reducing the discomfort associated with glare and night driving.  Our experienced Lens Fitters will advise which frames will work optimally with your Varilux RoadPilot, so you walk out with glasses that work brilliantly – and look great. 


How it works

Your eyes have two different types of cells: rods and cones. During the day time, we use our cone cells a lot more because they are responsive to high levels of light. But during the night time, the rod cells in our eyes are stimulated more than the cone cells due to lower light levels. This makes our eyes more sensitive to light at the 507nm wavelength, the wavelength prevalent at nightime. The Crizal Drive coating on our Varilux Road Pilot lenses offers a 90% reduction in reflection of 507nm wavelength light, which allows you to experience decreased levels of glare.

The statistics

The figures of night driving accidents make for scary reading. A disproportionate number of fatal road injuries occur after dark, largely due to reduced reaction times under low visibility conditions.

On average the proportion of road accidents which end in a fatality are doubled at night time compared to during the day.

This figure highlights the need for regular night drivers – particularly if you feel uncomfortable when driving at night – to take as many precautions as possible to reduce the risk of a road traffic accident. Varilux Roadpilot glasses help by reducing glare at night time, boosting your night-driving confidence.


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