Maui Jim Sunglasses

Kent’s largest collection of the world’s fastest-growing premium polarised sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses, only better.  Maui Jim sunglasses cut out all harmful UVA and UVB rays and reduce glare while producing true, vivid colours.  Available as single-prescription and varifocal lenses, so you don’t have to keep taking them on and off.

What are they?

Maui Jim is the fastest growing premium polarized sunglass maker in the world. Maui Jim has been voted favourite sunglasses company and best sunglasses by optical retailers and many of the top health, fitness and outdoor sports media around the globe.

The company¹s reputation is based on the development of advanced technologies that reduce 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays and cut glare by 99.9 percent above, below and behind each lens. Only Maui Jim uses up to nine layers of protection built into each lens, including the company's proprietary polarized film, PolarizedPlus2®, that produces true, vivid colours.  They are available either as a single tint or double-gradient lenses (lighter at the bottom or in the middle), and with or without a prescription

Why you should

Because you:

  • would like to see the true colours of the world, not altered by the tint of your sunglasses
  • value your eyes and want effective protection from the sun’s damaging rays
  • want effective varifocal sunglasses that enable you to see clearly in bright sunlight, whatever you are doing
  • want sunglasses that are technically brilliant but are also beautifully designed

Why Kings Hill Opticians

We have Kent’s biggest collection of Maui Jim sunglasses. Our expert opticians will make sure you have the right prescription to enable you to enjoy the best possible vision.  Our trained Dispensing Opticians and Optical Assistants will help you choose a frame that suits the shape of your face, so you look fabulous in your award-winning Maui Jim’s. 


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"I knew I needed prescription sunglasses in order to be able to read on the beach on holiday, and had presumed I would need single-prescription glasses.  As I have no prescription for distance vision, I was resigned to having to take them off every time I looked up from my book.  But when I went to Kings Hill Opticians, they explained that I could have varifocal Maui Jims, so I wouldn’t be squinting into the sunlight when I looked up.   When they demonstrated the difference between the true colours that you see with the polarizing Maui Jim lenses, as opposed to normal sunglasses that simply make the world a different colour, I was blown away.  To have one pair of sunglasses that I can wear equally for reading and driving has been revolutionary.  Combined with the exceptional expertise and service levels at Kings Hill Opticians and I am a convert; I will now be coming to Kings Hill Opticians for all my eye care needs."

Siobhan Stirling, Tunbridge Wells




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