Contact Lenses

Complex, multi-focal, daily, monthly, coloured – whatever you need, we have the lenses and the expertise

Contact lenses for all needs

Whether you simply want clearer eyesight without the restrictions of glasses, or have a complex condition that needs specialist lenses, we have the expertise and the products so you can enjoy best possible vision.


Kings Hill Opticians’ expertise

  1. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment: Hospital-quality testing as standard, so we have a thorough understanding of your eye health and vision.
  2. Early detection: Our gold-standard testing enables us to identify many conditions early, so we can find optimal treatments to manage, and even reverse, eye complications. 
  3. Expert staff: Our highly experienced, skilled staff have the knowledge and product training to find the best solution for you.  Our Principal Optometrist has more than 15 years’ experience operating the specialised contact lens service at Maidstone Hospital, and many of our other Optometrists have experience in this clinic as well.
  4. Bespoke solutions: We take time to get to know about you and your lifestyle, so we can recommend the solution that best meets your needs.
  5. Regular monitoring: We provide regular, hospital-quality testing to protect and preserve your eyesight, so you continue to enjoy the best vision possible. 


Our extensive range of contact lenses can provide solutions for many conditions, including:

  • Astigmatism – blurred vision due to an irregularly shaped eye
  • High Long or Short-Sighted Prescriptions
  • Keratoconus –  a bulging of the cornea, which can impair vision
  • Corneal scarring – an abrasion on the front of your eye
  • Dry eyes – itchy, red or watery eyes 

Our expert solutions

  • Astigmatism – sophisticated soft contact lenses that stay in place, so you have clear vision no matter which direction you look
  • EyeDream – overnight lenses to correct short-sightedness, so you can enjoy clear vision all day long, without lenses or glasses
  • Complex lenses –expert fitting of complex lenses to treat conditions such as Keratoconus and corneal scarring
  • Scleral lenses – large lenses that fit over the white of your eye for extra comfort
  • RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) contact lenses – for complicated prescriptions, including High Prescriptions. We supply bespoke lenses from a range of manufacturers, having the expertise to customise them as necessary.
  • Multifocal lenses – great range of varifocal lenses available to suit individual prescriptions  
  • Coloured lenses 


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"I have attended Kings Hill Opticians over the past five years for regular eye tests, comprehensive examinations, general advice and suitable eyewear.  As a professional and well-established practice, l they have provided an outstanding service in terms of competence, quality, value and exceptional customer care and I commend them to anyone seeking the very best optical services available."

Dennis Dinmore

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